Performance Optimization, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation.

A “Redpoint” is a particular type of accomplishment in the Rock Climbing world, one that requires hard work and perseverance. I believe the same can be found in physiotherapy.

The creation of Redpoint Physiotherapy came from the combination of my passions for sport climbing and rehabilitation practice. My primary practice focus is intended to provide injury care and prevention primarily to sports enthusiastic clientele. There are many evolving Sports out there, and they also are evolving in their means for progression in performance and therefore in its needs to prevent and care for potential injuries.

My work involves assessing pathology or dysfunction and treating it with the attributes Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, and exercise prescription.

Since avid sports participants are at greater susceptibility for injury reoccurrence, I also believe in the benefits of maintaining a healthy status by using such techniques once the pathology or dysfunction has been resolved. This way any participant of physical activities can enhance their longevity of an active lifestyle.