When do I need physiotherapy?

Do you feel any of the below, Redpoint Physiotherapy could help you:

  • Muscles that become easily fatigue and slow to recover.
  • Consistent sub optimal performance.
  • Joints that feel “stuck” or “pinching” .
  • Chronic pain during activity or at rest.
  • Difficulty with movements because the body positions feel “strange”.
  • Overuse/repetitive strain injuries despite a “conditioning” routine (i.e due to improper biomechanics).

These can be a few signs of muscular imbalances and/or neuromuscular dysfunctions caused by soft tissue or articular deficiencies that Manual Therapy and FDN/IMS can rectify with great efficiency.

The efficacy of any exercise routine is directly related to how healthy and effective the associated neuromuscular and articular systems are for the activity. Redpoint Physiotherapy uses techniques to remove pain, increase function and improve overall performance.

Every injury or dysfunction presents itself differently in each individual. A one on one meeting can determine the source of problem and best course of treatment specific to your needs.